World War II Memorial
Approximate size: 10" x 4.25"x .75"
Price: $18.00

History of World War II Memorial:

The World War II Memorial was dedicated May 29, 2004 to honor the 16 million men and women who served in the US Armed Services, the 400,000 who gave their lives and the millions on the home front who supported World War II. Designed by architect Friedrich St. Florian, the Memorial is located between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. The Rainbow Pool is located in a sunken plaza and is surrounded by 56, seventeen foot pillars. These symbolize the unity of the United States and its territories during the war. Two 41 foot arches represent the Atlantic and Pacific fronts of the war. Inside is a Freedom Wall covered with 4,000 gold stars, each memorializing 100 Americans who lost their lives. There are two fountains that shoot water 30 feet in the air. The Memorial is constructed mostly of bronze and granite and took three years to complete.